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Here at Acorn motor Repairs we offer a comprehensive range of services for your car or light commercial vehicle.


We are a traditional Garage with an ethos on good old fashioned engineering - meaning we are more than happy to repair where possible rather than throw away and replace - helping you save money and the environment!



Engine & Gearbox Replacements & Rebuilds
Most modern car engines and gearboxes are designed to last a life
time, however when the do go wrong they do so spectacularly. We
can supply and fit replacements where required or even carry out
repairs on your existing components if financially viable.
Clutches Replacement & Adjustment
It is important to assess your vehicle before fitting a new clutch as
many symptoms could indicate a problem with the clutch, whilst the
real fault may be something completely different, where only a minor
adjustment is required saving you a big bill!
Air-Con Re-Gas & Repairs
With our state of the art equipment we can diagnose, repair and
re-gas you air-con to as new standards. Now’s the time to do some
preventative maintenance.
Suspension Standard & Performance Suspension
We can supply a wide range of products from Suspension Struts,
Coils or Shocks. Simply want a direct fit OEM Replacement? Maybe
just a lowering kit or Sports suspension, we fit them all!
Brakes Replacement & Performance Braking Systems
Standard & Performance brakes or pads, discs, shoes and drums
supplied and fitted or simply fit only.
Exhaust Systems Replacement & Sports Exhausts
Standard Replacement, Sports  & Performance exhaust systems
Available. There is  a wide range of styles and sizes of car and
van exhausts. Supply & fit, or fit only.
Diagnostics Full State Of The Art System
Full diagnostic fault finding, code re-setting, programming and
module work undertaken. Most popular makes and models covered.
Servicing General Mechanical Servicing
We can service your vehicle using genuine manufacturer scoured
consumables and parts, or for those or for those on a budget
excellent quality OEM parts. All makes & models covered.
MOT MOT Testing & Repairs
Affordable MOT Tests are available via our Service Centre based
in Pontypridd. Our MOT service is available by pre-booking only.
Call us now to pre-book on 01443 407652.

These are just a small section of the services we offer, please contact

us with your requirements and queries, we are happy to help!